e-Reader Suggestions

Critical components of an e-reader, for me:

  • 300+ PPI resolution (the fonts looks like print)
  • Preferably, a "yoga" style cover that enables hands free use at a table or in bed
  • Backlight

The Barnes and Noble Nook looks like crap, with poor accessory support. This leaves two options: Kobo and Kindle.


e-reader: https://us.kobobooks.com/collections/ereaders/products/kobo-clara-hd
cover: https://us.kobobooks.com/collections/clarahd-related/products/kobo-clara-hd-sleepcover

Total: $160. This is with no ads, great book selection. Its backlight supports the "redshift" kind of thing, where it goes red at night to reduce eyestrain.


reader: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075MWNNJG/ref=ods_bn_cat_eink_comp_me?th=1
cover: https://www.amazon.com/Fintie-Origami-All-New-Paperwhite-Generation/dp/B07KFCQ4YR/

Total: $135. This is with no ads on the front screen (when sleeping). With targeted ads, the device is $20 off. This also has audible functionality, if you do audiobooks.