• Psychedelic Space Rock - Trippy rock beats and occasional vocals
  • Outrun / Synthwave - 80's sounding electronica
  • Lo-Fi beats - Hip-hop instrumentals with a warm feel
  • San Francisco Rock - 60's oldies and a few corny songs (Johnny Horton)
  • Eclectic Country and Folk - Robert Earl Keen-based, with some weird stuff mixed in. Some of these are more enjoyable than others; it is a good sampler.
  • Deep Billy Joel - A selection of some of his meatier tracks. It only scratches the surface, though. You could have "Sad Billy Joel" and "Advice Billy Joel" and "Barfly Billy Joel", but this will do.


  • The New Classic Trio with David Hazeltine. Music for your martini night, or maybe a scotch neat.
  • Jazz, TX - a band with a bar right here in town.
  • Us And Them by Shinedown. One of my favorite rock albums of all time.
  • Stadium Arcadium by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Just take the vocals in as another instrument, appreciate the musical creativity, and go with it. Favorite songs: Slow Cheetah, Wet Sand, and Turn it Again.
  • Interrupt Request by MASTER BOOT RECORD. Heavy electronic instrumental metal and synth.
  • Stargazer by Golden Dawn Arkestra. Really trippy stuff. That's all I know to say about it.