Wannabe Coup

The people laying siege to the Capitol are insurrectionists. They are there because they actually believe (or say they believe) that there is a massive conspiracy involving numerous local and state officials, in multiple states and both political parties, to fraudulently push the election to Joe Biden.

Would Bill Barr, who has been inappropriately supportive of the President through multiple scandals, see evidence of fraud and not report it?

Would Mitch McConnell, who has bowed to almost every Trumpian absurdity, including defending him against impeachment, know of widespread fraud and allow it to go without objection?

Would Republican elections officials across the country, and especially in GA and PA, subject their families to death threats in order to facilitate a massive conspiracy to defraud the president?

Would dozens of court cases claiming fraud be rejected for lack of evidence? Would someone with hard evidence of widespread fraud say "There is no proof" as several Trump lawyers have had to say in their cases? Would the Supreme Court, a 6-3 Conservative one no less, reject multiple court appeals in the attempt to help Trump?

And finally, would this incredibly executed, bipartisan overthrow of an election occur without guaranteeing a win in the Senate? I can already hear the conspiracy theorist nod, "Yes, look, the GA dems won in the runoff! Making them win right away would have been too suspicious!". I sigh.

Multiple GOP and Democrat elections officials, the Attorney General, the Vice President, and the GOP leader of the Senate all recognize that there is nothing unusual about this election. There is no legitimate grievance to be had about the validity of the vote. The protest in DC was already a sad joke, turned now into an international embarrassment and another low point for American democracy.


Postscript: My "whatabout" moment. If this were a racial justice protest, and mostly black, mostly progressive protesters stormed the Capitol building during a Senate vote, there wouldn't be a single civilian on the Capitol grounds by now. They wouldn't have been able to storm the Capitol to begin with, because the Guard would have been double or triple what it was today. To be clear, I don't wish for "heads to be busted". The dichotomy, though, is completely undeniable now.

Postscript #2: For those Conservatives who may want to come back at me about something: Don't bring up politics. This isn't a matter of immigration, or foreign policy, or gun control, or police reform. This is about how a society handles and respects an election.

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