Recent Republican Activity - 25 Oct 2018

Trump makes up story about marine joyriders during Harvey

Discussion on reddit. Summary: Trump goes on about how the Coast Guard talks about people in their "tiny little boats" trying to go out in the Gulf during Harvey, and the Coast Guard rescuing them. Except the Coast Guard and Gov. Abbott both have no idea what he's talking about, and the "tiny little boats" everyone used after the hurricane were to rescue people and animals from their homes. The OP does a good job summarizing, but TL;DR - Trump is either making up stories intentionally, is mocking people rescuing neighbors, or is genuinely confused as to what actually happened after Harvey. And talking about it at a rally for Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz makes jokes about imprisoning his political opponent

The senator responded with the jab at Clinton to a rally audience  member's call to "lock him up!", reportedly referring to O'Rourke, according to multiple reports.

"Well,  you know, there's a double-occupancy cell with Hillary Clinton," Cruz  said at a rally in Georgetown, Texas, north of Austin, alongside fellow  Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas). He then added: "Y'all are gonna get me in trouble with that."

Yes, please continue lamenting the lack of civility in politics.

Come on, Ted.

The radical Right has claimed the bombs sent to Democrat leaders were "false flags".

The source is the Washington Post - But don't worry, this left wing "fake news rag" has links and screenshots directly of quotes from the far right. Which is more likely?

  • A left wing group has sent bombs to Democrats to make the "right" look bad, and won't get caught by the FBI, Secret Service, or any other law enforcement (or maybe they're in on it!)
  • Several years of the President, Republican politicians and pundits have made up so much bullshit about Democrats and "the media", essentially calling for violence, that some nutcase took the advice a little too seriously.

You decide.

The Texas Railroad Commissioner blamed Democrats for record flooding and first-ever boil notice in Austin

Yes, one of the most powerful elected positions in the state of Texas thinks it's prudent to politicize a natural disaster that wiped out bridges in a day, and overwhelmed an otherwise well-managed public water system in an urban area. That's what I call leadership!

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