Trump Obstructed Justice. He Should Be Impeached.

I have a few long form essays in draft, but for now, let's just knock out some baseline stuff.

Trump has obstructed justice, multiple times.

It is in the Mueller Report. Click here for a good summary of the documentation, with headers and screenshots from the report directly. This is data either corroborated by sworn testimony, or in several instances, events obvious and visible to the public.  

If you heard Trump say the report is bogus, or that it clears his name (how can it be both?) - it's a lie.

If you heard Bob Barr say, well, anything related to the Mueller Report, it was a stretch at best, and a fabrication at worst.

Mueller did not prosecute the president because he felt he could legally prosecute any president, per longstanding DoJ policy. He stated this in his report, and in a public speech. He felt that, since the DoJ cannot charge a sitting president, it would be unethical to say whether he definitely believed Trump committed Obstruction.

Trump could probably literally murder someone in the White House, and according to DoJ policy, he cannot be held to account by another part of the Executive Branch.

Mueller did say that if he thought Trump were innocent, he would have put that in the report. He also said that he believes only Congress has the Constitutional authority to hold the President accountable for potential criminal action.

How much more blunt can someone get without having to spell it out?


  1. Trump tried to get Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn for Flynn's lies to the FBI about illicit contact with the Russian foreign minister
  2. Trump wanted AG Jeff Sessions to "unrecuse" himself from the Russia investigation to help protect the president.
  3. Trump fired Comey because Comey was investigating him.
  4. Trump tried to get his White House lawyer Don McGhan to direct the acting AG Rosenstein to end the Special Counsel's investigation. McGhan refused.
  5. Trump asked outside advisors to get AG Sessions to criticize the partiality of the Russia investigation. His advisor passed the task to someone else, who refused.
  6. Trump told senior campaign officials to attempt withholding emails that coordinated an illicit June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower that coordinated with a foreign government the release of damaging emails hacked from the DNC.
  7. Trump again tried to get AG Sessions to unrecuse himself, and suggested AG Sessions open an investigation into his political enemy, Hillary Clinton.
  8. When it came out that Trump tried to get WH Lawer McGahn to kill the investigation(#4), Trump asked McGhan to come out calling that a lie. McGhan refused.
  9. When Flynn broke off "joint legal defense" with Trump, Trump's lawyer asked for a "heads-up" if Flynn knew information that "implicates the President". (Editor's note: You don't ask for that unless that information exists). - 9.1 - Trump publicly dangled a pardon to Paul Manafort during his trial.
  10. Trump praised Michael Cohen while Cohen lied to Congress. When Cohen was charged with crimes, Trump said Cohen is "strong" for  not "flipping". (Note - how does one "flip" on an innocent person?) - When Cohen started cooperating with investigators, Trump attacked Cohen's family integrity and called him a "rat".

In other words,

This guy is guilty as sin, lies like a dog, and Congress should impeach him.

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